Course Content

Adobe Photoshop
  • Image processing with Photoshop.
  • Mastering the effects of the clone and healing brush tools.
  • Working with layers and adjustment panel.
  • Employing smart filters to create interesting effects.
  • Working with text and vector shape in PSD.
  • Blending Options.
  • Advance effects like Masking, Lightings etc..
  • Outlining and filling objects - Transforming objects.
  • Artistic and paragraph text.
  • Wrapping text around object.
  • Applying effects like Blends, Distortion, Contour, Envelopes, Transparency etc..
  • Creating buttons with rollover effects
  • Making symbols, Logos with Coreldraw.
  • Creating 4 color design.
Adobe Pagemaker
  • Working with text and graphics.
  • Advance Pagination with Adobe Pagemaker.
  • Scrolling within a window.
  • Managing story windows.
  • Setting up ruler guides.
  • Positioning and formatting running headers and footers.
  • Moving between text frames.
  • Advance scale setting with Pagemaker.
  • Use of Gujarati fonts in Pagemaker.
Gujarati typing using Bhasha-Bharti
Combination of Pagemaker and Coreldraw.
Combination of Pagemaker and Photoshop.
Advance software [Add on Demand]:
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Microsoft In Design.

Duration : 4 Months

Eligibility : Basic knowledge of Computer.

Available Batches : Regular Batch -> Monday-Saturday
WeekEnd Batch -> Saturday and Sunday
Fast-Track Batch ->4 to 5 hrs daily
Present & Future Scope

  • Working as Freelancer or Part-time for other companies also.
  • Student Placement track record is 100%.
  • Every software co. must require Web/Appl. Designer.
  • Sometime experienced designer got more salary than Developer.
  • We are famous as DTP training institute in ahmedabad.
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