Course Content

Starts with C language..
Introduction of C programming
  • Printf and Scanf Functions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping-Pattern Statements
  • Introduction to Array
  • One and Two Dimension Array
  • String Manipulation and Functions
  • User Define Functions(UDF)
  • Pointer-Structure with Examples
  • File Handaling
Now go for...
HTML 4 & HTML 5 + DHTML + CSS introduction
  • Introduction to HTML 4.
  • Introduction to CSS 3.
  • Designing Basic Layout using HTML+CSS.
  • Editing existing Layout of HTML+CSS.
  • Javascript combination with HTML+CSS call DHTML.
  • Creating Full/Semi Responsive website using HTML 5.
  • Create Layout for Mobile, Tablet also.
  • Create 3 to 4 Layouts using HTML 5.
Javascript + JQuery
  • Introduction to Javascript.
  • Client-side validation using Javascript.
  • Introduction to JQUERY.
  • How and Where to replace JQuery with Javascript.
Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Explore NET Framework 4.5
  • Understand Common Language Runtime
  • Understand the role of CTS and CLS Learn about Base Class Libraries
  • Difference between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code
Core C# Programming
  • Working with Console Class (Input and Output)
  • Learn how to create C# Data Type and Variable
  • Learn about Data Type Conversions Working with Operators
  • Creating Conditional and Looping Constructsand Array
  • Implementing Methods and Parameters
  • See how to use Named and Optional Parameters
  • Explain the Difference between Value Types
Object Oriented Programming
  • Creating Class and Object
  • Explore OOP Features with examples
  • Working with Constructor and Destructor
  • Learn about Modifiers and Access Specifies
  • Learn how to use Abstract Class and Interface
  • Developing Namespaces and Assemblies Using Exception Handling Working with File I/O Operations
Designing and Implementing
  • Databases with MS SQL Server 2012
  • Familiarizing SQL Server 2012
  • Creating Tables and Constraints
  • Implement Aggregate Functions, Order by and Group by Join and Sub Query
  • Creating Stored Procedures Backup, Restoring & Moving a database
  • Learn about Data Binding
  • Create Database Application (Data Reader and Dataset)
  • Grid View & Data Controls
  • Learn how to use XML and ADO.NET
  • Define CSS3
  • Type of Selectors
  • Use Box Model
  • Implement Backgrounds and Borders
  • Use Text Effects Working with Multiple Columns
  • Explore User Interface
ASP.NET Web Application Development
  • Web Application Fundamentals
  • Standard Web Controls & Events
  • Working with Navigation Controls
  • Rich Server and Validation Controls
  • Create Web User Control
State Management
  • Create & manipulate
  • Managing Session
  • Implementing View State
  • Create and manipulate Query Strings
  • Managing Cookies
Customizing Web Applications
  • Implementing Themes and Skins
  • Implementing Web User Control
  • Master Pages and Content Pages
  • Using Site Map Control
Advanced technologies in ASP.NET
  • Introduction to Ajax.net
  • Introduction to WCF.
  • Introduction to XML.net
  • XML to DB and DB to XML.
C# Advanced Features
  • Working with Delegates and Events
  • Creating Collections and Generics
  • Learn about Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Create Private and Shared Assemblies
  • Explore Dynamic Types and DLR
  • Creating Processes and AppDomains
  • Threading and Multi Threaded Application
  • Create and implement Object Serialization
New Features in NET 4.5
Authentication and Authorization
  • Explain about Authentication and Authorization
  • Describe Anonymous Authentication
  • Understand Windows Authentication
  • Learn how to use Forms Authentication
Using Entity Framework
  • Generating and Querying an Entity Data Model (EDM)
  • Querying data using object Services
  • Customizing the Entity Data Model
MVC 4-5
  • Creating MVC Models
  • Creating a Data Repository
  • Implementing MVC Controllers
  • Implementing MVC Views

Live Project

  • Create Live Project Based on MVC and using Other .net concepts.

Duration : 6 Months

Eligibility : Anyone can join

Available Batches : Regular Batch -> Monday-Saturday
WeekEnd Batch -> Saturday and Sunday
Fast-Track Batch ->4 to 5 hrs daily
Present & Future Scope

  • Got placements in Mid and Large size co.s
  • Working as Freelancer or Part-time for other companies also.
  • Student Placement track record is 100%.
  • Every software co. must require Web Developer.
  • Experienced Developer got more salary than Designer.
  • We are famous as Diploma in web development training institute in ahmedabad.
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