Course Content

Starts with C language..
Introduction of C programming
  • Printf and Scanf Functions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping-Pattern Statements
  • Introduction to Array
  • One and Two Dimension Array
  • String Manipulation and Functions
  • User Define Functions(UDF)
  • Pointer-Structure with Examples
  • File Handaling
Now go for..Objective C
Programming in Objective-C
  • Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties, id
  • interface, implementation, property
  • synthesizee Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
  • Categories and Protocols NSArray
  • NSMutableArray, NSDictionary,NSMutableDictionary
  • Scalar Data Types
  • NSObject, NSString, NSData, NSDate, Files
Then go for..
I-phone Development
Introduction iOS & SDK
  • iOS SDK: iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Xcode, Interface Builder
  • iPhone Simulator, Debugger
Cocoa Framework
  • Nib files, File’s Owner
  • Outlet Connections
  • Action Connections Inspector
Controls Part-1
  • IBOutlet, IBAction
  • Event Handling
  • UIEvent
  • Toolbars, Status bar
Controls Part-2
  • Activity Indicator
  • Page Indicator, Progress View
  • Refresh Control, Scope Bar,Search Bar
  • Table View, Browser View, Alerting
  • Media and Images & Animatio
  • UIGestureRecognize, Panning
  • Audio & Video using & playing
What Is SQLite ?
  • Creating the Database
  • CRUD Operation with Database.
  • SQLite and Core Data
  • Modeling Data in Xcode
Using Web Services
Location and Mapping
Social Networks Integration.
Project 1 using SQLite.
Project 2 using Webservice & Location Sensing
Swift Programing
  • fundamentals of Swift syntax
  • Understanding OOPs with Swift 2 Swift data types and collections Applying on Diff. Controls
  • Array and map function
  • How to respond to touch events
  • Controllers and views
  • functionality URLs and the NSURL
  • Combining additional frameworks in an Xcode project configuration
  • Discovering the fundamental features of the MKMapView API
Project 3 using Swift

Duration : 6 Months

Eligibility : Anyone can join

Available Batches : Regular Batch -> Monday-Saturday
WeekEnd Batch -> Saturday and Sunday
Fast-Track Batch ->4 to 5 hrs daily
Present & Future Scope

  • Got placements in Mid and Large size co.s
  • Mobile is future Technology - Helpful to build career
  • For long term it is good technology
  • Go for other technologies also for taking added advantage
  • iPhone applications are more developed comparing to Android.
  • We are famous as Iphone training institute in ahmedabad.
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